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Grab your weapons and take on the zombie horde in DEAD AHEAD!

Grab your bow against waves of trolls in ARROWSONG!

Grab your laser and try to stop a dangerous virus in CYBERSHOCK!

Muster your team in QUANTUM ARENA premiere laser tag It’s Virtual Reality to the max!

New to VR Experience Wales is Cook'd Up! crazy multiplayer cooking game

and Escape Quest: Espionage Express a multiplayer escape game



Wayfinders Escape From Aurora seamlessly blends interactive sequences with cinematic action



Pick titles from the list below enjoy 6m x 6m / 6m x 9m game arena

from £30 per person now with 2 to 8 players

Great for Stag & Hen Dos, Partys, Friends and family, Days out, Half Term we do it all in a VR near you in the South Wales Valleys near Blackwood

Join us at VR Experience Wales for Hero Zone VR a hero-worthy VR experience that's right in your neighborhood. We are near to Newport, Cardiff 15 minutes from junction 28 M4. Don't miss out on the most exciting virtual reality near me. Visit us today and unlock the adventure of a lifetime!


Experience VR Like Never Before

Range of Games / 80 minutes / 2 to 8 Players

from £30.00 per player

Hero Zone is packed with immersive fun for different tastes, age groups and skill levels.


Challenging yet accessible for first-timers with a focus on teamplay.

Each game has a ticket value 1, 3 each player has 4 tickets to use for more info call 07727123191

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Cyber Shock

A fast paced futuristic shooter

Where you have to defeat a computer virus from taking over your system in this 3d space invader experience

  • Genre Retro arcade shooter

  • Game Length 15 minutes max

  • Players 2 to 8 players

  • Dynamic and action packed gameplay

  • Dodge, shoot, destroy!

  • Put your reflexes to the test

  • Go for the highest score!

  • 1 ticket needed for this game 


Dead Ahead

Do you have what it takes to survive the apocalypse?

Where you have to take on a zombie horde consisting

of spitter, clown dwarf, crawler and big boss

  • Genre Zombie Shooter

  • Game Length 15 minutes max

  • Players 2 to 8 players

  • Three levels to select from the church, hospital or city

  • Shooting zombies has never been this fun

  • Heart pounding action

  • Repair your barricades

  • Stay alive!

  • 1 ticket needed for this game 



Can you bring peace to the fairy realm?

Protect your earth tree and defeat with your trusty bow orcs, trolls, wizards, bats and dragon in this magical experience 

  • Genre Fantasy Archery

  • Game Length 20 minutes max

  • Players 2 to 8 players

  • Two levels to select from the Goblin Mine or Dungeon

  • Family-Friendly archery game

  • A cooperative adventure

  • Destroy the attacking army

  • Immerse yourself in a fantasy world

  • 1 ticket needed for this game 


Quantum Arena 

A fast paced futuristic shooter

You and your squad of heroic digital warriors try to eradicate the apposing players in this VR laser tag game . A fast paced futuristic shooter with dynamic gameplay elements. Dodge lasers, all this whilst trying to destroy the enemy with your dual wielded laser guns.

  • Genre VR laser tag

  • Select from three locations either pyramids, dojo or sprier

  • Game Length 10 minutes max

  • Players 2 to 4 players

  • High-energy PVP action

  • Bouncing bullets

  • Interactive levels

  • Booby traps!

  • 1 ticket needed for this game 


Cops vs Robbers 

Stop the robbery, or join it!


The vault has been broken open, a robbery is on it’s way. Join the fray as either Cop or a Robber and shoot it out on the inside of a bank. Have a firefight with full freedom of movements in this location based VR shooter.


  • Genre VR PvP laser tag

  • Game Length 10 minutes

  • Players 2-4 players

  • Interactable environment

  • Shattering Glass

  • Intense Shootouts

  • Dynamic and action packed gameplay

  • 1 ticket needed for this game 

ThumbnailCookdUp (1).jpg

Cook`d Up! 

Is a test of cooperation


          Cook’d Up! is a collaborative simulation of a burger joint kitchen that tests the cooperation of up to four players to create and serve mouthwatering burgers before customers become angry. Regardless of age or skill level, Cook’d Up! is a social, team-building simulation game that is meant to be entertaining, engaging, and non-violent for all participants.

  • Genre Cooking Game

  • Game Length 10 minutes

  • Players 1-6 players

  • Family friendly teambuilding game

  • Cook burgers, keep the customers happy

  • Sauce-paint your fellow chefs...

  • ...but please try not to make too big of a mess!

  • yer right 

  • 1 ticket needed for this game 

ThumbnailEspionageExpress (2).jpg

Escape Quest: Espionage


Is a cooperation game


In the cooperative game Escape Quest: Espionage Express, teams of up to six players must work together to escape a hacked train, find the mysterious Dr Montgomery, and solve tricky challenges along the way. Escape Quest: Espionage Express is an action-packed adventure that was created especially for Hero Zone and calls for skill and teamwork to complete.


  • Genre Escape Adventure

  • Game Length 15 minutes

  • Players 1-6 players

  • Pay attention to your surroundings

  • Fun and challenging adventure

  • Puzzle-solving skills required

  • Teamwork and creativity

  • 1 ticket needed for this game 



Brace yourself for an adrenaline-pumping space journey!


Escape From Aurora seamlessly blends interactive sequences with cinematic action, keeping you on the edge from start to finish. Travel to the heart of Aurora station which is on the brink of destruction. Your mission? Navigate your way through the ravaged rooms of the station and save its crew before all is lost!


  • Genre Escape Adventure

  • Game Length 30 minutes

  • Players 1-6 players

  • Cinematic action

  • Save the survivors

  • Solve intricate puzzles

  • The clock is ticking!

  • 3 tickets needed for this game 

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