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Our Services

We can offer a full range of events such as VR Events, VR Parties, VR Team Building Events 

VR Experience Prices

Action VR start from £30.00
per player

Escape Games start from £30.00 per player

Hero Zone Arena start from £30.00 per player
More you bring less you pay

    Business Team Building Experience

Escape games are a great way to promote team work, as it is imperative individuals work together to permit escape. They are therefore ideal team building exercises and used by companies for such purposes. Why not educate and treat your employees to a great experience at the same time, by joining us in a virtual reality escape experience with so many options and realities to choose from at a range of difficulty levels. The more you buy the more you save. Discounts on larger groups and multiple experiences. Take a look at some of your options and if you can't quite find a package that works for your party size contact us to arrange a custom made package tailored to your needs!
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