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Disabled access to game play

VR is accessible to virtually anyone, including individuals who are wheelchair bound as it requires very little in the way of actual movement. To move around a VR site you often teleport or have the option to move using joysticks as well as walk yourself. This means you can complete game play in a seated position and experience it in the same way anyone else can.

This method has been well tested by one of our regular customers, who has often commented how amazing VR is because it opens experiences up to her that in real life aren't possible and you or I would often take for granted. She can go anywhere and do anything in her avatar form and experience things without discomfort or fatigue, yet still experience the same rush of adrenaline and feelings of excitement or accomplishment as everyone else.

One of her favourite experiences involves a vertical rock climb and tossing around boulders as if they were feathers, when in a real life situation the effort of lifting a cup can often be challenging.

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