Virtual reality (VR) is an amazing new craze that can take you anywhere and everywhere, you can be who you want to be and do what you want to do. The possibilities are endless! It involves a simulated experience that can be similar to or completely different from the real world. Applications of virtual reality can either be for entertainment purposes such as video games that can open up any number of universes set in fact or fantasy, or educational purposes, such as team building exercises.

At VR experience Wales we use virtual reality systems in the form of state of the art headsets, to generate realistic images, sounds and other sensations that simulate a user's physical presence in a virtual environment. Both single or multi player options are available (depending on the experience selected), so you can either get lost in a world of your own or challenge yourself and your friends in either versus or team mode@ VR Experience Wales.
Test yourself, test your friends, connect to other VR enthusiasts around the globe and test them. Take up the challenge today..... With VR not even the sky is the limit!

With over 30 years of working in IT and with keen interest in VR. It was my first USA holiday in the US in 1995 when I purchased my first headset. I was the proud owner of a Forte VFX 1 Headgear (which is now on display @ VR Experience Wales) It was state of art headset in its time. Now with headsets moving on in leaps and bounds we would love to give everyone the chance to experience out of this world places including the young, old and disabled 

VR Experience Wales is a company that was started in 2019 located in Abercarn South Wales. We love nothing more than playing funky VR games with a futuristic headset on. That is why we started this company, to let everybody else have a blast at VR Experience Wales!

We have disabled access toilet plus level access into our location also Ubisoft Escape Games support disabled access controls contact us for more infomation @ VR Experience Wales

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Our Services

We can offer a full range of events such as VR Events, VR Parties, VR Team Building Events 

VR Experience Prices

Action VR £20.00 per player
Escape Games £20.00 per player

Hero Zone Arena £20.00 per player


              VR Parties

We can customise your VR experience to suit all age ranges
Different genres include horror, sports, action, shooters, puzzle, learning games. Snacks. (Bag of crisps, drink, sweets or chocolate) included.

VR Events

Such as Comic-Con, Girl Guides, Beavers, Scouts, Celebrations, Discos, School events, Stags parties, Hen parties, Girls night out 

Call for prices on events.

    Business Team Building Experience

Escape games are a great way to promote team work, as it is imperative individuals work together to permit escape. They are therefore ideal team building exercises and used by companies for such purposes. Why not educate and treat your employees to a great experience at the same time, by joining us in a virtual reality escape experience with so many options and realities to choose from at a range of difficulty levels. The more you buy the more you save. Discounts on larger groups and multiple experiences. Take a look at some of your options and if you can't quite find a package that works for your party size contact us to arrange a custom made package tailored to your needs!
Interested in hiring us for one of your special events? Let's Talk Call us on 07727123191
Disabled access to game play

VR is accessible to virtually anyone, including individuals who are wheelchair bound as it requires very little in the way of actual movement. To move around a VR site you often teleport or have the option to move using joysticks as well as walk yourself. This means you can complete game play in a seated position and experience it in the same way anyone else can. This method has been well tested by one of our regular customers, who has often commented how amazing VR is because it opens experiences up to her that in real life aren't possible and you or I would often take for granted. She can go anywhere and do anything in her avatar form and experience things without discomfort or fatigue, yet still experience the same rush of adrenaline and feelings of excitement or accomplishment as everyone else. One of her favourite experiences involves a vertical rock climb and tossing around boulders as if they were feathers, when in a real life situation the effort of lifting a cup can often be challenging.
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