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Immerse yourself in virtual worlds full of action, puzzles, fantasy and fun. A very special experience for groups and the whole family! The following games were specially developed by the Holocafé team to offer a unique multiplayer experience in virtual reality. Have a look:

2 Games / 60 minutes / 2,3, or 4 Players @ £20.00 per player

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dragon hunters banner

Dragon Hunters

Enter the fantasy world of Dragon Hunters and show how good you are with bow and arrows!

  • Bow Shooter

  • Game Length 30 minutes

  • Players 2,3 or 4 players

  • Age 12+

fun factory banner

Fun Factory

Welcome to Fabios Fantastic Fun Factory. You are invited by Fabio, a malfunctioning accounting robot, to participate in his DIY gameshow. There is something for everyone: Target shooting with bow and arrow, pig feeding and catching butterflies. Allow yourself to be transported into this crazy adventure.

  • Genre Mini Games

  • Game Length 30 minutes

  • Players 2,3 or 4 players

  • Compete in multiple fun minigames

  • Every minigame lasts 60 seconds, learn quick

  • Show your friends who the best gameshow contestant is

  • Age 8+

holo arena banner

Holo Arena

Defend an arena together against drones using futuristic weapons

  • Game Length 30 minutes

  • Players 2,3 or 4 players

  • Defend yourself with fire balls, plasma strikes and blasters

  • Cover your comrades with shields

  • Survive as long as you can

  • Age 8+

chaos command banner

Chaos Commando

Command the most inefficient space station of all times together. Can you save it from falling apart?

  • Game Length 30 minutes

  • Players 2-4 players

  • Command your teammates whilst dealing with toggles, switches and buttons yourself

  • Find the right buttons before everything explodes

  • Swiftness counts!

  • Age 8+

pulse banner


PULSE: A heartbeat. Just you and your team... or maybe not? Keep together to survive, but will your ammo be enough?


  • Game Length 30 minutes

  • Players 2-4 players

  • Unique Action-Horror in VR

  • Stick together closely and protect your teammates

  • Be brave, be strong!

  • Age 18+

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